How can we help you have a first class contact centre? 

Our consulting services and fees can be tailored depending on your specific needs: size of the contact centre, current level of performance & desired level of transformation.

We don't sell software, IT systems or training packages. We'll work with your teams to optimise your contact centre. This can take between 5 to 24 weeks and typically will run through these 3 phases:

phase 1: Assessment

In the Assessment phase, we'll work with your leaders and team to understand the state of play over a  1 to 4 week period.

phase 2: Implementation

The Implementation phase focuses on introducing the Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking tools to your contact centre, as well as crucial transfer of the knowledge required to achieve sustainable change. This typically takes 4 - 24 weeks.

phase 3: Consolidation

The third phase, Consolidation, involves ongoing support and coaching of your leaders and team members to ensure the introduced tools and ways of working are embedded into your business.

Every team and every business is different, so get in touch to see how we can best work together.