Why I started The Agile Contact Centre

In August 2014, I published a Case Study about the transformation of REA’s Customer Contact Centre using Lean, Agile and a Systems Thinking approach.

Since then, I have been contacted by several professionals and organizations that were interested in understanding a bit more about that transformation and applying a similar strategy to their Operations and Customer Contact Centre teams.  

This interest shows me that there are more and more organisations out there that believe that the traditional method of managing Call Centre Operations is not delivering the results they want. These organisations struggle to maintain a reasonable level of attrition, to build and maintain a positive culture and to improve the main metrics that matter to customers and the company. One of these professionals said when they first contacted me: “ Eduardo, we keep doing everything your blog says we shouldn’t do and it is not working. There must be a better way”. 

There is a better way; and that is why I started The Agile Contact Centre. I have seen the impact that a more humanistic and systems thinking approach has in the teams and customers that apply them: better customer satisfaction scores, higher staff engagement and a more efficient way to work with the rest of the business. Oh, and also because I want to get rid of as many painful IVR experiences as possible!

Most of the people I have spoken to since the publication of the first Case Study have asked me similar questions about how to undergo a transformation like this: What is the most important thing to make this work? What are the metrics we used? What agile tools worked best? How did the roles of people change? How can technology help with a transformation like this? Did we encounter resistance from the team and how did we overcome it? How did we understand customer demand? How did we create a culture of continuous improvement when people’s core role is to answer the phone and respond to emails?

I am going to try to answer these and other questions in a series of blog posts that I will publish here. I hope you enjoy and find the information useful to drive the transformation of your Contact Centre.